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Heal Your Heart with Rebecca ShawCCH

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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Break ups and divorce can be as painful or often rock the very foundation of our beings leaving us feeling, lonely, flawed, enraged, undesirable, and empty. For many, there is an on-going feeling that a piece of their very soul went away when the relationship ended. These feelings can persist for months, even years. They can impair you from ever truly loving or being happy again. Yes, hypnosis can help you move past a broken heart whether it is from divorce, break-up, or infidelity.

First, it might be helpful to understand that your inner mind is very protective. It's goal is for physical, mental, and emotional survival. It uses your memories to help you avoid danger. In other words, we hold on to and even replay upsetting memories as an inherent way of survival. Back in cave man days, if a person almost got attacked by a sabertooth tiger, the memory is held in there, to warn the caveman to avoid similar danger and preserve the species. In modern times, you might find someone who was bit by a dog while very young that then has a deep fear of all dogs as an adult because the subconscious is doing its job saying, "Dogs are dangerous."

A similar thing happens with emotional traumas. When someone betrays us in love, even if our logical mind wants to move past the upset, your subconscious is saying, "Watch out. Keep your guard up. This person has hurt you before." Hypnosis can help you clear the negative emotion around a person or memory. You won't be hypnotized to forget but instead to reframe how you respond to that infidelity or break-up so that you feel empowered and in ownership of your own feelings and responses instead of reactive to someone else and your memories with them. The reason that hypnosis is so helpful is because intellectually you might know that the end of a relationship is for the best. And yet knowing something is for the best doesn't necessarily help you to forgive, move on, and heal your heart.

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are tools that can facilitate a change at deeper level of your mind, body, and spirit. They can help you move past devastation, loss, and regret and rediscover inner peace and hope in a profoundly enlightening and empowering manner. You can’t get always move past the pain of heartache with time or just using logic. Are you ready to create the inner harmony necessary to move on? Want to receive the personalized and high quality work that and countless other clients have received over the last 20 years? (You’re in the right place!)

Welcome to Rebecca’s Signature Heal Your Heart Program for women and men needing an in-depth process to move past the heartache and mental immobility of a painful break-up or divorce.

  • You constantly rehash the relationship in your mind.
  • You still go to bed thinking about your ex.
  • You wonder if you have a love addiction.
  • You stalk your ex on Facebook or other social media sites.
  • Your head says to move on but your heart won't let go.
  • You still carry powerful emotions about your ex like anger.
  • You know that you need to effect a total mind, body, spirit clearing to move on.

  • Develop a strong sense of self-awareness needed for healing your heart.
  • Become less reactive to your own thoughts, inner dialogue and memories.
  • Free yourself from the heartache of your past.
  • Stop the cycle of addictive thinking and ruminating on the past.
  • Release the negative emotions and beliefs and keep the wisdom.
  • Heal your heart from the inside out and enhance self-love.
  • Rebuild your confidence and a positive vision of your future!

"I came to see Rebecca because, despite previous counseling for issues surrounding my past dysfunctional relationships, I kept attracting negative men to my life. Although I was very aware of the problem, I felt stuck as if there was something deeper preventing me from finding a man that would value me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Rebecca and I chatted about my experiences with men and what I was struggling with. Her warm nature and ability to relate personally really put me at ease. I participated in her Heal Your Heart Program and each session helped to bring more clarity to my life and situation. Now I feel a sense of freedom and confidence I didn’t have before and I feel I am finally ready to meet Mr. Right." - Christina, Dallas, Texas

Rebecca’s Signature Program "Heal Your Heart" is like no other program on the market on the market because it gives you the tools and guidance you need to do your own inner healing at the deeper levels of the subconscious mind.

Are you ready to take action today? I am so passionate about this program and it's power to help you move forward that I invite you to Apply for a free and personal DISCOVERY session.

In this Heal Your Heart Discovery Session I’ll walk you through:
  1. Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from releasing your ex.
  2. Create a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to move past heartache.
  3. The one simple step you can take immediately to get into action

"Yes! I want a free personal and PRIVATE insight session. I'm excited to discover what the exact next steps are for me to take my heart where my head wants to be!"

Want to read the stories of clients who have success with Rebecca? Check out my related article: "Can Hypnosis Heal a Broken Heart?"

Important Note: Heal Your Heart is not an alternative to counseling and/or psychotherapy. This is an educational program that involves self-hypnosis and interactive guided imagery intended to help the client facilitate their own inner changes. Please be aware that if you have active suicidal intent, homicidal intent or a diagnosis of unstable mental health, this program is not recommended for you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Which Style of Hypnosis Works Best for Women and Weight Loss?

"I believe hypnosis has profound powers to help you stop sabotaging yourself.”   Dr. Oz, The Dr. Oz Show - (February 2012)


Did any of you happen to watch Dr. Oz's show on using Hypnosis for Weight Loss?  It has been replayed many times over the past year.  Paul McKenna, England's top Clinical Hypnotherapist talked about using hypnosis to lose weight.  I watched the show and I wholeheartedly agreed that hypnosis can and does help you lose weight faster and keep it off longer.  Think of your brain as a computer.  You can use hypnosis and guided imagery to reprogram your computer to become Naturally Slim for Life!  However, it is important to find a professional and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist who knows how to give you effective hypnosis suggestions to reach your goals.

In the show,  Paul uses what is called the AUTHORITATIVE method.  For example, he says "YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!"  "YOU WILL DRINK MORE WATER!"  Well that might work for some people but I can tell you it does not work for most of my female clients.  This is my professional opinion based upon knowing what works from 20 years and thousands of clients.   Case in point,  a woman came to me recently who had purchased one hypnosis session from another hypnotist in our local area. He had basically given her these types of suggestions and told her she would have to come back for a couple more sessions.  He didn't even give her a recording for at home reinforcement.  She told me that the session was a waste of her time and money because, "He basically didn't tell me anything that my conscious mind didn't already know!"

It is my passion to help you learn the Inner Fitness Tools of Hypnosis and Guided Imagery that really work to help you lose weight and keep it off.

  • Supplemental audio hypnosis recordings designed to bombard your subconscious mind daily with positive suggestions for weight loss
  • Hypnosis suggestions designed to supersede the need for will power in dieting.
  • Power imageries and affirmations you can use even when you are awake and busy.
  • Hypnosis suggestions for eliminating the cravings for sugar and refined carbs.
  • Effective tools for separating out stress eating from food!
This program is designed for women who know they need an entire upleveling of their thoughts and feelings to become Naturally Slim for Life!  Call today for your free consultation (843) 597-9200 or
 and mention this article to receive $50 off my Naturally Slim for Life Hypnosis Package.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss with Power Imageries!

Join me May 22, 2012 at 7:00pm EST
for 60 Minutes to Jump Start Your Mind-Body-Makeover!

This workshop will teach you:
 The power of Mini-Imageries for Appetite Control & Fat Burning
Imagery for Breaking the Emotional Eating Cycle
A Powerful Imagery to Learn the Art of Intuitive Eating 
Tune into your Wisdom & Truth

Take Home Bonus of my:
Zen Garden Meditation for Stress Release (Stop Stress Eating!)
Daily Affirmation Recordings to Listen While Exercising!
PDF Workbook with Mini-Imagery Instructions

All This Powerful Content and Weight Loss Tools for Only $67!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Can Be Naturally Slim for Life!

Release Toxic Thoughts and Emotions.  Reconnect with Spirit. Rediscover Hope.  Rejoice in Living Naturally Slim for Life!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome and thank you for reading my Blog .  I'm Rebecca Shaw and if you are looking for the magic ingredient to catapult your life to the next level and make weight loss natural and easy for you, then I've got it! Before you ever do another diet again and feel discouraged, before you ever finish your diet only to regain that weight within months, I want to share with you what happens when you align your mind, body, and emotions in such a way that making the right food choices comes naturally.  And when you do shift how you think and feel about yourself and food, then any diet you choose to do, any lifestyle changes you know you need to create will be easy and effortless.  
Have You Decided 2012 is Your Year?

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving your body.  Imagine walking by the dessert table at a Christmas party and crinkling your nose because nothing appeals to you and thinking to yourself, "I could take it or leave it."  Imagine stepping onto the scale and day after day seeing a number that pleases you!  Imagine going shopping and choosing that smaller dress size that makes you say, "I love my body, I love life!"  Imagine hearing yourself say, "No cookie, potato chip, or comfort food is worth more than feeling good in MY BODY!"

After twenty years in a private practice using the techniques of hypnosis, guided imagery, and NLP on thousands of women, I proudly and confidently say,  "I know how to help you lose weight naturally!"

This article is for women and men who realize that being overweight is caused in whole or in part by poor eating habits, an inner mental tug of war and/or emotional triggers.  I believe and have seen proof over and over that a holistic approach to weight loss is the most successful one.  By holistic, I mean an approach which addresses your body challenges - mind, body, and spirit.  Please consult with your medical doctor to investigate any physiological problems that may be contributing to excess weight.  I will help you with the inner challenges. 

You must know that diet DO work but diets only work when you are ready for them.  They work when your spirit is alive and well and when your mind and your emotions are positive and supportive of change.

Before you EVER go on another diet or exercise regimen and feel discouraged, this program is a must-do to finally help you eliminate self-sabotage, and hidden blocks that you’ve been battling, and learn how to align your thoughts and emotions  to support and sustain LASTING WEIGHT LOSS.

Leave self-control, will-power, and self-criticism behind!   Most women tell themselves that they will feel great once they are slim.  The truth is you’ve got to feel good about yourself and your body first and then change is so much easier to achieve!   
Naturally Slim for Life Program takes you on an amazing journey of self-discovery and empowerment to reconnect with your intuition, heal your emotions and harness the power of your creativity and your subconscious  mind to feel positive and harmonious so that weight loss comes naturally!

This Program is Right for You If:

  • I know what I need to do lose weight but can't make it happen.
  • I struggle with commitment when I try to diet.
  • Dieting feels exhausting and frustrating.
  • My cravings increase and I feel deprived when I try to diet.
  • I beat myself up about my body and my weight.
  • Stress and emotions trigger my food cravings.
  • I need to stop out of control, mindless eating.
  • I know that I sabotage my own efforts to lose weight or to stay slim.
  • I feel sad or depressed when I diet.
  • I use weight as a barrier to block emotional pain, intimacy, or attention from the opposite sex.
  • I know that I need to address my blocks to weight loss on a mind-body-spirit level.

Finally!  A Mind-Body Break Through!
I have now created an online version of my Naturally Slim for LIfe Method based on thousands of private sessions with clients.  My intention is to reach people globally and make it more affordable for you to get the help and guidance you need.

Why is this program different than the others?This program goes beyond logic because we all know will power alone is not enough to make lasting lifestyle changes that support you in becoming and staying slim.  It helps you make the changes you need consciously and subconsciously!

Please join me for my first global Webinar!  I will share with you all the juicy details about what makes my program for Natural Weight Loss so powerful and unique!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 7:00pm EST and plan on spending about 60 minutes on the call which will include both an educational and guided imagery portion! Wear your comfortable clothing and get ready to have an experience! 

Sign up to gain free access by entering your email in the box in the top right hand column of this blog. You will be asked to confirm and then I will send you the information to access via the internet or by telephone.  This information session is sure to renew your hope and leave you inspired!

(Not available at that time? That's okay!  Click on the orange link below or sign up in the box in the upper right hand column of this blog.  Then, I will send you an email with a link for a downloadable recorded auido version of the session immediately after the event.)

Why Work With Rebecca?

·      I can tell you in less than 30 minutes exactly what is holding you back and what you need to do to finally break free!

·        I appplies a powerful holistic and intuitive approach to your problem that will amaze you and inspire you!

·         I have 20 Years Experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you uncover and eliminate subconscious resistance.

·         I have the tools to go beyond "talk" to actually eliminate unwanted habits and experience positive results!

·         I helps you identify and uproot deep, stubborn limiting beliefs that have been holding you back!

·         I show you how to tap into your own divine feminine power and creativity, a much more enjoyable and empowering way to achieve your goals!

·         I guide you to reconnects you with your spirit and life force energy to live a life feeling free, happy, and naturally slim!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Can Hypnosis Heal a Broken Heart?

A Broken Heart Doesn't Have to Cloud Your Life Forever

“Can you hypnotize me to forget about someone?”  I hear that request more often than you might expect.   The truth is hypnosis can't make you forget the one who caused you heartache.  However, my intention in writing this article is to inspire you that you can use hypnosis as a powerful tool to help you understand your own personal journey and heal after a heartache. 

The demise of a relationship, even one we know should or must end, can cause severe psychological and emotional stress.  In shamanism, one of the oldest spiritual practices known to humankind, there is a core belief that when we suffer an emotional or physical trauma, a part our essence or soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. A shaman would be called in to perform a ritual called "Soul Retrieval" which was considered crucial to the person's healing process.  As a hypnotherapist, I have had the honor to guide many clients through a similar sacred process to reclaim their energies, heal emotionally, and move forward.   

In this article, I will share some brief stories of how hypnosis has helped my clients to heal after a break-up or divorce. (The names below have been changed for privacy.)

Stories of Betrayal Haunted Him:  Jim had been divorced for two years.  His wife had been the love of his life.  She cheated on him with a best friend and the two went through a very bitter, ugly divorce. The whole experience left him "gun-shy" to date again for fear of getting hurt.  "Logically, I know it's time to move on but it's not happening." In one very powerful hypnosis session, I guided Jim to release the negative emotions from his divorce and gain a much needed sense of closure helping him to feel free to move on. 

The Ex-Boyfriend Who Haunted Her Dreams:  Carrie had been married for over ten years when she came to get help with recurring dreams about an ex-boyfriend. It had been years since the breakup of her college sweetheart and first love of her life.  Despite time passing and marrying another man, she kept dreaming that she was back at school, desperately trying to find her first love. She would frequently wake up frustrated and sad.  In our session, I guided Carrie to her own deeper wisdom where she understand the purpose of her recurring dream.  She needed to reclaim her vulnerability and sensuality which she had disowned when that relationship ended.  After our session, Carrie happily reported that the recurring dream ended and she felt lighter and more joyful than she had in years.

Obsession with the Other Man:  Anne was married to a great guy. She described him as the perfect, loving, husband and father to their three children.  Despite ideal circumstances, she found herself falling in love with another man she had met through work.  Even though she knew it was wrong, she entered into a one night stand with the co-worker followed by a deep and intense emotional affair which they conducted via emails and texting.  Anne knew that this love addiction would destroy her marriage if didn't stop.  She sought help from me and was able to gain immediate clarity on the unconscious reasons that compelled her obsession.  We worked together and she was able to end the affair and overcome her lifelong fears of true intimacy and vulnerability that comes in a deeply, committed, loving relationship.

She Couldn't Say Goodbye to a Soul Mate:  Susan found herself stuck in a long-term relationship that she knew was unhealthy for her.  Her boyfriend treated her disrespectfully, often criticizing her in public and flirting with other women in her presence.  On several occasions, she had even caught him cheating with other women.  Each time that she would end the relationship, deep feelings of abandonment and grief overwhelmed her and she would end up taking her unfaithful boyfriend back.  "It doesn't make sense that I want to be with him.  I feel like we are soul mates from a past life and that's why I can't let him go,"  Susan admitted. 

I am Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy so I knew this statement indicated the need for a past life regression session. Susan remembered two previous lives with this man.   In both, they had been husband and wife and circumstances had caused his untimely death which left her feeling devastated and alone.  After hypnosis, Susan felt empowered to end her relationship with this man in this life.

These cases are just a few examples of the after effects caused by the mental and emotional stress from a painful break-up or divorce.  Here are some common symptoms that can be related to unresolved pain or grief:
  • Feeling Emotionally Detached or Numb 
  • Habitual Replaying of Past Conversations or Memories  
  • Debilitating Fear of Getting Hurt Again 
  • Obsession with the Lost Lover  
  • Grief that Has Not Healed 
  • Anger that Doesn’t Dissipate or Transfers to Other People in Your Life 
  • Problems with Forgiveness 
  • Victim Mentality 
  • Insomnia or Stressful Dreams Related to the Break-Up 
  • Headaches and Other Physical Problems 
  • Post Traumatic Stress  
  • Manifestation or Worsening of Addictions to Numb Emotional Loss and Pain 
  • Immune System Deficiencies Caused by PTSD
  • Hopelessness or Depression 
  • Feel Like a Part of You is Dead or Gone
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek advice from a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional before using a complimentary health modality like hypnosis.

Carolyn Myss, the best-selling author of several books on the subject of the mind-body connection to health and healing believes the emotional energy we divert focusing on painful memories, or in our efforts to suppress them, is the single most common cause of illness and disease.  
If these stories speak to your heart and you are interested in incorporating hypnosis into your own personal healing journey, then reach out to me.   Are you ready to heal your heart, get over a love addiction,  and get on with a great life?  Want to receive the personalized and high quality work that and countless other clients have received over the last 20 years? (You’re in the right place!)

My Signature Heal Your Heart Program  is like no other program on the market and you can work with me in person and by phone!  It is designed for women and men needing an in-depth process to move past the heartache and mental immobility of a painful break-up or divorce. 


Rebecca’s Signature Program "Heal Your Heart"  is like no other program on the market on the market because it gives you the tools and guidance you need to do your own inner healing at the deeper levels of the subconscious mind. 

Are you ready to take action today? I am so passionate about this program and it's power to help you move forward that I invite you to apply for a free and personal DISCOVERY session.

In this Heal Your Heart Insight Session I’ll walk you through:
  1. Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from releasing your ex.
  2. Create a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to move past heartache.
  3. The one simple step you can take immediately to get into action!

"Yes! I want a free personal and PRIVATE DISCOVERY session. I'm excited to discover what the exact next steps are for me to take my heart where my head wants to be!"

Click here to apply for your DISCOVERY SESSION Now!



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What if Quitting Smoking Could Be as Easy as Flipping a Switch?

Smoking Cessation Secrets from an Expert
"How many hypnosis sessions will I need to quit smoking?"  I smile everytime someone asks me this question.  It is like asking "How many licks will it take to get the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?"  The truth is that it is different for everyone. 

Over the past twenty years, I have helped hundreds of smokers to successfully quit smoking using hypnosis. This article will expose some of the most important secrets every smoker should know before you try to quit.

Secret Number 1:  The amount of time that you've been a smoker has no correlation to how easy or difficult it is to stop smoking. 

In reality, it has more to do with your will power, motivation, as well as, your fears and resistance.  One primary benefit of hypnosis is that it can help you address all of these aspects to work in your favor. 

Secret Number 2: You do not have to be ready to quit smoking before you start. 

Hypnosis is considered a behavior support program.  It can help you overcome self-sabotage and mentally prepare to quit.  

Secret Number 3:  People who successfully quit smoking with hypnosis fall into three categories.

I will describe the three successful types of quitters below.
Some People Quit Smoking with Just One Session

Type 1:  Lightswitch Quitters:
The first type of client quits with just one session!  Yes!  For you,  hypnosis seems to flip some sort of mental light switch that takes the brain from smoker to non-smoker in just one hour.  When, I first began my practice and saw this happening for my clients, I truly became a believer in the power of hypnosis and the mind itself. 

How Do I Know if I am a Type 1?  You honestly don't.  The subconscious seems to have an agenda all its own.  I have worked with clients who expected to flip a switch and it didn't happen.  Then, I have worked with doubting Thomas clients who have surprised themselves and quit with just one session.    The important thing to know is don't be discouraged if you need more than one session.  Further, don't blame yourself or the hypnotherapist if one session doesn't work for you.  It usually indicates that you are just a different type of quitter.

Type 2:  Quitting is a Process Not an Event:
The second type of quitter is the one who takes two to three sessions to stop smoking.  My clients who fall into this category express feeling stress and anxiety just thinking about giving up cigarettes.  In a process to quit, you will find that you are much more successful if you use the power of hypnosis to help you mentally prepare before the actual smoking cessation session.

Ending Cigarettes Can Be a Journey
What is involved when you need a process to quit?  For most clients, a helpful first session would teach you how to replace cigarettes with healthier stress reduction tools.   Another session might help you to work through self-sabotage or mental resistance.  The third session usually is the one where you will actually receive suggestions to quit.  If you need a process to quit smoking, audio recordings containing post-hypnotic suggestions to reinforce whatever you need for mental support are as important as the sessions themselves. 

Type 3:  Quitting Cigarettes is Like Losing My Best Friend:
Lastly, for some smokers, the process of quitting can be a grief filled one evoking similar emotions that are felt during a break up with a lover or best friend.   If you are this type of smoker, you may have heard yourself say, "I love smoking!" or "Cigarettes are my best friend!"  

Quitting Smoking Can Feel Like Losing a Friend
Why am I emotionally attached to something I know is bad for me? Some people associate cigarettes with a way to bond with others.   Then, when they try to quit, they feel alone and grieve the loss of the connection to other smokers.  Furthermore, people who grieve the loss of cigarettes often smoke to avoid uncomfortable situations or feelings like boredom, anger, or sadness.   Then, when they stop they feel emotionally out of control or sad because the cigarettes have been there to help.

Hypnosis Helps You No Matter What You Need:  No matter where you are in your journey to become a non-smoker, know that it can happen and that hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you quit smoking easier.  Avoid comparing yourself to others or criticize yourself because you need help to quit.  Don't get discouraged if you need a process versus one session.  Don't give up if you know that a break-up is in store.  We have all lived through those especially with a little help from others.

Read actual  5 STAR testimonials from clients!